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There are few holidays as exciting as Halloween. While the children may go out and trick or treat, there is still great fun to be had for us adults. Preparing for the scary night, why not try your hand at decorating your vehicle? Here is a list of the top 5 ways in which to make your car a scare-tastic ride.

1)   Blood (and lots of it)

There are few things in the world better than a pint of fake blood. While this may be dependent on your cars colour, putting some fake blood seeping from the outside of your trunk or splattered along the side of its hood can certainty scare an individual or two (You may even think of adding a hook onto the window to make it seem like someone broke in and left quite a mess). Be careful not to make it too realistic or else you’ll find a few police officers knocking late at night.


2)   Dead Body

Placing a particularly gruesome dead body inside a vehicle may have some individuals asking about your sanity. Try to pick out a realistic mannequin and purchase a gruesome mask. Top it off with a knife stuck in the back and voila: an event that will make children avoid your home for certain.



3)   Dress Your Car Up

Another idea is to dress your car up like you would your child! There are certainly enough famous cars, from the Disney’s Cars characters or even the A-Team van. A few stickers here and there can make it seem like the car itself has come alive. Certainly a great way to spicen up your front yard, you’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood for sure.


4)   Cobwebs

A classy way to make your car seem scary is to add a cobweb or two. You could do anything from completely covering it with small spiders on the outside to making the inside look like it was enclosed for a century. A great way to turn a few heads is to add a giant spider on the front hood.



5)   Scary Music

You could use your car’s stereo to your advantage but running classic scary music, like the theme from the Exorcist, loudly during the night. It will certainly make your house seem scary but be careful not to drain your car battery completely, you may want to go to work the next day and find that you’ve been left with a rather nasty surprise.