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On the Nationwide Vehicle Contracts blog we show a lot of our great car leasing deals but rarely show any support for our cartoon car cousins. There have been countless memorable cartoon vehicles that have hit our screens over the years from transforming robots to motorbikes ridden by mice from Mars. In no particular order this selection of cartoon vehicles is sure to fill you with a sense of nostalgia.

Bulletproof Bomb 7- Owned By The Ant Hill Mob


Wacky Races is one of the best and most successful cartoons of all time and considering the entire programme is based around cars, you can see why it has some admiration from some of us here at Nationwide.

The Bulletproof Bomb 7 is a 1920s sedan driven by the Ant Hill Mob (a clever play on the seven dwarfs).

In order to win a race in Wacky Races you will find that the people behind the wheel will do anything to claim victory, and the trick that the Ant Hill Mob prefers is to all extend their feet through the floor of the car and start running. There have also been occasions where the Mob have used traditional gangster weapons such as Tommy guns in order to take out the competition.

Mystery Machine – Owned By Mystery Inc.


No post about cartoon vehicles could be without the Mystery Machine (unless of course you were writing a post on the worst cartoon vehicles of all time!) and it is this van that allows the gang to get all over the world solving mysteries.

Although the van isn’t seen in every series and didn’t appear much in the movies, it is still something that can instantly be recognised and related back to Scooby Doo.

Phooeymobile- Owned By Hong Kong Phooey (Penrod Pooch)


The Phooeymobile plays a very important part in the crime catching process of Hong Kong Phooey as does Pooch’s manual, The Hong Kong Book Of Kung Fu. The car has the ability to transform into a number of different things at the touch of a button and rarely will you find that it is Phooey himself that manages to put a stop to the crime.

His cat, Spot, is always the one saving the day and Phooey is seemingly unaware of just how much his cat does for him and simply thinks his clumsy tactics have worked and saved the day.

Mean Machine 00 – Owned By Dick Dastardly


Dick Dastardly and Muttley strangely enough seem to be the most well-loved characters from the television show despite them being the antagonists of the cartoon. This has resulted in the Mean Machine becoming the most memorable car in the series even though it never won a single race.

Although it would seem that the Mean Machine is by far the fastest competing car, racing fairly instead of rushing ahead and setting booby traps for everyone that inevitably come back and hit the duo never seemed to cross Dick’s mind.

TMNT Van- Owned By The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


This van might not be one of the most recognised vehicles in toon history but was certainly one of my favourites growing up. As child growing up in the 90s if you didn’t watch TMNT on television and own all of the action figures then you simply were not considered as “cool”. The great thing about the van was that you could fit all four turtles inside, their master, Splinter, and enough weapons to take down Shredder and his gang!

The turtles were so cool that Vanilla Ice even gets involved in the second movie!

Megatron – Transformers


Although most people would likely argue that Optimus Prime is the coolest looking character from Transformers I have always been a fan of the villains in this show and Megatron certainly looks the part. It was a very tough decision choosing Megatron over Starscream with the decider being that Megatron’s voice is just so much more awesome!

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