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A Jaguar D-Type is on sale as part of the collection. Image Courtesy of Flickr user: Peter Bonnett


You have to buy them all; for £100 MILLION

A Sinclair C5 is on sale as part of the collection too! Image via Flickr User: Anthony Shepherd

It’s every boy’s childhood dream: a Classic Car collection all in one place and all yours – for a cool £100 million. The man who owns Britain's biggest private car collection is selling up having spent an absolute fortune travelling all around the world finding and then buying some of the rarest, original British models before shipping them back home to the UK to be stripped down, restored, repainted and then put back together over a period of usually three years by a dedicated team of mechanics under the watchful eye of dentist and owner James Hull.

James Hull has been doing this over many years having made his fortune in cosmetic dentistry, especially in the fields of teeth whitening, veneers and implants, and now has a fair number of warehouses packed to the rafters with some real Classic Cars from the past 80 years or so.

Cars ranging from original Morris Minors, and a Sinclair C5 to Jaguars worth a small fortune (like the one shown in the main picture here) and a collection of British campervans from the 40s, 50s and 60s, including some famous pieces like Lord Mountbatten's Mini Traveller, Winston Churchill's Austin, a Bentley owned by Elton John, a Humber once owned by the judge presiding over the Profumo Affair and a 1961 Jaguar E-Type that was once Mike Hailwood’s are all stored in secure surroundings – but will soon belong to someone else.

Ill health has led Dr. Hull to put the entire collection up for sale, but he wants the collection of 457 classic vehicles, 365 pedal cars and 300 pieces of memorabilia including model aircraft from WW1 and WW2 to all stay together - hence the overall price tag of £100 million. This is said to be the highest value sale of Classic Cars ever to take place in the UK, and Dr. Hull hopes that the cars will stay in the UK; if someone from here stumps up the cash!

“I'm merely a passionate custodian of this hugely significant part of British history and, with luck, I will succeed in finding a home that can not only be enjoyed and treasured by the British public but also be admired by visitors from across the world” said James Hull. “It is the culmination of a life-long hobby. Each car has its story and all have played a part in the history of British motoring. It is part of our heritage.”

With some of the cars having made appearances at shows and festival all around the country, including at the Queen’s 80th Birthday celebrations, there is no surprise that a number of private buyers and consortiums both here in the UK and abroad have tabled some interest, according to the Financial Times, although I myself must have missed the Ebay listing that this must be on!

Classic Cars are renowned for keeping and even increasing their value, and it’s no surprise that the price for a Classic Car has risen and risen and risen over the years to almost extortionate levels – but this collection seems to be a bit of a bargain; even at the price.

Here’s hoping that it stays in this country.