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The vast majority of us are simply in awe of vehicles driven by celebrities. While big name Italian sports cars are a must, the more fashionable drivers like to combine class with high performance. As such, Rolls-Royce tends to be found at the top of most lists, ultimately offering their drivers a luxurious world of opportunities. Yet, on occasion celebrities fall out of love with their vehicles, selling them off for quite a pretty penny.

Such a situation arose only a few days ago when famed football star David Beckham decided to get rid of his Rolls-Royce Phantom for modest £250,000. The 2008 model was actually the talk of the town when it was first purchased for £350,000. Indeed, it became worth even more when the Beckham’s put in thousands more into custom features.

Some of the exclusive features found in the coupe include a black spirit of ecstasy, very large 24-inch alloy wheels, as well as black out tinted windows that would make any car enthusiast envious. Not to be outdone, the car also had a unique paint colour as well as coach lines that made it stand out. It also features special wood desking that has been built into the back of the vehicle. Indeed, reports at the Dailymail have noted that the car was one of the most recognizable vehicles in Hollywood.

Sold at Towbin motorcars, a Las Vegas dealership, the vehicle had done a mere 6,000 miles. Certainly quite a deal, the company initially advertised the car for nearly $400,000 and offered a detailed history about its background. Revealing that the car came with a 6.75-litre V12 engine that creates a whopping 450bhp, the car was capable of going from 0 to 62 mph in just 5.9 seconds. Having a top speed of 150 mph, the car was said to be very well maintained. However, they did note that it was certainly not the most efficient vehicle on the road. Indeed, its great weight and customizable features meant that it used up a gallon for every 11 miles.

This car is merely one of the many all-black themed cars that are found in his garage. Indeed, the Beckham’s also have a specially built Jeep Wrangler, Ranger Rover and event a rather posh Porsche 911. While we can only dream of such a garage, it looks like the Beckham’s are ready to expand their collection with a few more new vehicles and starting to sell of their old ones.