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Citroën will have you know that in the slings-and-arrows world of marketing, they're every bit as innovative and forward-thinking as they are in the field of motoring.

Case in point, their new interactive direct mail campaign.

Designed to raise awareness of their stylish new flagship DS5, the campaign incorporates digital watermarks and attached digital content designed by print-to-mobile specialists Digital Space.

Yeah yeah – so far, so QR code.

But the level of customisation laced within these watermarks feels somewhat unprecedented.

Over 200,000 targeted customers are set to receive the interactive mailer, of which there are 192 versions. Each is personalised with a dealer's details and invisible digital watermarks for the DS3, DS4 and DS5 models. This makes for a total of 576 individual watermarks.

The Digital Space app will interact with these watermarks and allow for customers to view nine images and three videos for each of the DS line models. Alongside this material will be their local dealer's full address, itself ripe for interaction: you'll be able to make a number of calls to action, including making a call to your dealer, requesting a brochure, requesting a call back, booking a test drive or expressing interest in a DS Discovery Day.

What's a DS Discovery Day? It's only a series of events being organised by Citroën dealerships from 15 March as part of the official launch of New DS5 on 2 April! They feature a DS-focuesed display – either in showrooms or at off-site venues – and are described as “a stylish and engaging way for customers and prospects to discover and experience DS5 with the full DS line up.”

This, friends, is the future of advertising. All that white noise on television, radio and in print will never go away, but nor will you ever stop ignoring it. Instead, your attention will be drawn to such interactive hubs as this multimedia interface between digital spaces and printed materials.

And Citroën will probably have you know that they were amongst the first.