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Tyre Type Information for Your Car and Van

3rd October 2022

Tyre sizes

Sidewall marking





Measured in millimetres. 


Aspect ratio

The height of the sidewall as a percentage of its width. 


Construction type 

Actually redundant - 'R' stands for 'Radial', as the majority of modern tyres are. 


Wheel rim diameter 

Measured in inches, the diameter of the rim wheel has been designed to fit. Measured bead shoulder to bead shoulder. 


Load index

An index of potential weight, rather than an actual measurement. A load index of 88 corresponds to 560kg. The full index can be found on Protyre’s website.


Speed rating 

A second index for speed ratings. Confusingly, not strictly alphabetical: ‘H’ appears between ‘U’ and ‘V’. ‘H’ rated tyres can be used up to 130mph

EU tyre labelling

Although the legal requirement for minimum tread depth in the UK and EU is 1.6mm, it is advised that you should change your tyres when the tread drops below 3mm.

Keith Hawes
Director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Tyre tread

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