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Van Leasing FAQs

3rd January 2023

How does van leasing work?

What are the benefits of van leasing?

Am I eligible for van leasing finance?

What are the different types of contracts available?

How long is the van leasing period?

Do you provide short term agreements?

Do you provide ‘no deposit’ van leases?

What types of vans are available to lease?

Do you provide van leasing for people with bad credit?

Can I have a tow bar or roof racks fitted to my lease van?

Do I have to have ply lining?

Can I put company decals on my lease van?

Is road tax included in the van lease contract?

Who is responsible for insuring the van?

Will my van be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

Is maintenance included in the van lease contract?

Can I use any garage for servicing my leased van?

Does my new lease van come with breakdown cover?

When will my new van be delivered?

Who holds the V5C registration certificate?

Can I change my mileage during the contract?

What if I exceed the agreed mileage on the van lease contract?

Can I end my lease agreement early?

What level of wear and tear is acceptable?

Can I buy my van at the end of a finance lease agreement?

How much annual company vehicle tax will be due on my leased van?

Can I use the lease van as a courier or taxi?

Can I lease a van on a personal contract?

Can I take my lease van or pick-up truck out of the country?

Will you take my current van as part exchange?

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