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What Happens If I Get a Speeding Ticket in My Lease Car?

alex bradley headshot By Alex
29th December 2022
close up of speed camera

What is the penalty for speeding in the UK?

What happens if I get caught speeding in my lease car?

What other types of penalties may result in a ticket?

I've been caught speeding in my lease car, will the ticket be sent to me or the funder?

An estimated two million motorists receive a speeding ticket each year in the UK. If you get caught speeding in your lease vehicle, it's important that you pay the fine on time or you could find yourself in court. Don't forget to let your insurance provider know of any penalty points added to your licence at point of renewal too.

David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

How long does it take to get a speeding fine?

Why have I been charged an administration fee on top of the fine?

I have received a fine, what should I do?

motorist receiving speeding fine

I would like to contest a fine - what do I do?

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